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Thank you for considering choosing our group to deliver your care in the private sector.  We recognise that it is a choice and hope that through these pages we can reassure you that when recieving treatment from our group that you will be looked after by a team of consultants who are highly trained experts in vascular treatments and that each patients care is backed up by the same strong governance structure that our NHS patients recieve.


We accept requests for consultation either via your family doctor, directly through the Contact Us section of the website or through the BMI website or call centre.


We deliver a comprehensive package of care for all aspects of Vascular Health from Aneurysm Surgery through to Venous care.


We aim to be accessable, honest, open and transparent about your care needs, tailoring your care to both your budget and your informed choice.


We are registered with all major healthcare insurers and work within their recomended cost structures avoiding the additional costs that some others physicians make patients liable for.


Whilst we provide most of our private care at the BMI Winterbourne Hospital rarely some of our major operating and some investigations and procedures need to be carried out at either Dorset County Hospital or the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.  If this is the case you will still recieve the same consultant level of care and input.


Our Vascular Condition Fact Finder and Links provides you with the reassurance that as specialists the information that we provide and link you with is both balanced and appropriate.  The problem with the internet these days is that there is almost too much information out there.  Knowing who and what to trust is not easy, if you have any suggestions of links please let us know and we will review them.


Our outpatient calendar provides you with our diary and also some advice about booking and attending one of our clinics, there is some really useful stuff here to make sure you get the most out of seeing us.


Everyone has a different budget, we aim to deliver the highest quality healthcare but also drive down the costs of our service with good procurement , efficiency and planning.  We are sure you will find us very competitive, unlike some we are happy to advertise our prices, there are no hidden costs and even if you aren't able to afford things upfront BMI our partners have an excellent inhouse finance team who may be able to help.



Outpatient Calendar

Private Healthcare Patient Information 

Need to Understand the Cost of Treatment?

Vascular Condition Fact Finder

and Links

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