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Outpatient Times and Tips

We have two types of clinics for you to choose from



One Stop Varicose Vein Clinic


Our one stop varicose vein clinic on Monday evenings starts at 5.30pm.  This clinic is designed to give patients the chance to consult with one of the vascular consultants, be scanned by our highly qualified sonographer and then have a treatment plan discussed.


The clinic is designed to save you time, visits and money whilst ensuring you still get a quality service.  This clinic is ideal for those with varicose veins without ulceration in mobile people.  Generally we expect the whole process to take around one hour.



Vascular and General surgery clinic


This clinic runs Tuesday mornings from 8am.  Here we will see all vascular conditions from ulcers to aneurysms, including those not able to come on Monday evenings with varicose veins or those just wanting advice on varicose veins.



Tips to help you get the most out of your clinic visit


To ensure that you get seen as soon as possible both Alex and James share their clinics and patient referrals to the group.  If you would like to be seen by a specific surgeon then please let us know by either phoning Sally or emailing to book the appointment, this may mean a short delay in seeing you.


If you have a current wound at the time of the clinic please bring with you a change of dressing, normally your practice nurse would be happy to help with this.  There are literally thousands of dressing options for wounds and it is impossible for us to keep a stock of everything.  Usually if we are giving advice on wound care we will issue a wound care plan to the community and continue with your current dressing plan until the new plan can be instigated safely.  For complex dressings and compression bandaging there is an additional charge of £20 for application of the dressings you provide.  If you do not wish to have the dressing taken down then take photos of your wounds at the last dressing change before the appointment, although this isn't as good as seeing the wound itself it is better than not seeing it at all due to concerns re dressings.  Don't be afraid to contact us beforehand to talk about your dressing needs.  If dressing changes are painful then please take analgesia prior to attending the appointment.


If you have trouble with language or have special communication needs let us know before the appointment we will always try to help.


If you have physical disability again knowing this in advance can help us to make your visit more comfortable and safe.


A referral letter from either yourself if you are referring yourself or your GP detailing your past medical history, current medication list as well as any allergies or sensitivities along with a brief summary of your problem and expectations can help to make your consultation more about the information you want.  You can either email this, post it to the BMI Winterbourne or bring it along with you on the day.


Make sure you get what you want from the consultation.  Think about a list of things you want to ask.  There is nothing worse than getting in the car after meeting us and remembering something you needed to ask.



Need to Understand the Cost of Treatment?

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