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All of our group has experience in research and development, both purely academic and in commercial partnership. We offer a welcoming environment to industry to come and discuss research, innovation, ideas and due diligence matters. We are happy to meet industry needs in order to facilitate such discussion including identification of conflicts of interest and signing of non disclosure agreements.


Some of our group hold special intellectual property (IP) contracts with the NHS in order to provide a risk free environment for IP development with the person involved.


We care for a population of over one million patients and believe that only through innovative models of collaboration can we deliver the next generation of medical products to our population.

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Industry Resources //

Current Opportunities //

Micro Skin Grafting for venous Ulcers - We are currently looking for an industry research partner to look at minimising the morbidity associated with Chronic Wounds

An Orthotic that people will wear - We are currently looking for an industry partner to develop IP in this field, with an innovative strategy to deliver end users needs.

Consultancy opportunities - We are currently looking for North American and European Physicians with industry and product development experience who may wish to join our portfolio.

What we Can Offer //

' I want our group to offer industry a risk free environment in which to test their ideas, products and needs. My experience in medical devices internationally has led me to understand that industry often lacks the middle person who can integrate the needs of a company (advice on blue sky innovation through to capitalisation and market analysis) and the needs of the end user.'

James Metcalfe.



  • Clinical Trials design, monitoring and management.


  • FDA and MHRA medical product development


  • Clinical research back by a ISO standard clinical research team


  • Confidential, professional discussions at low cost


  • Intellectual Property security

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