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LEADING the Concensus in DVT, Throughout 2015

Dorset Vascular Group is developing concensus both in the UK and Europe for the management of deep venous thrombosis and deep venous occlusive disease.  This complex and rapidly developing area of vascular medicine lacks robust evidence and DCVG is working with partners to ensure the best outcome fo patients in the future.  Our Multispecialist Deep Venous Clinics are available both at BMI and NHS hospitals

NEW Vascular Scientist October, 2014

Dorset Vascular Group is proud to announced that we have been successful in appointing a new senior vascular scientist.  Sabrina has joined us from Dukes University Hospital in the USA.  In brings a wealth of experience to our non-invasive group.

BMI Winterbourne Launches One Stop Varicose Vein Clinics and Ambulatory Endovenous Surgery

April 1, 2014

Dedicated clinics for varicose veins on a Monday evening are giving patients at the BMI Winterbounre access to a one stop service from consultation, Duplex sonography to treatment planning.  Delivering high quality care with more convenience and driving down costs for patients.

Dorset County Hospital is a Leader in the use of Drug Eluting Technology in the UK

February 2, 2014

Dorset County Hospital has been adhead of the curve in ensuring that patients get access to the best outcomes in angiography with the use of drug eluting stent and balloon technology which only now the rest of the vascular world is waking upto.  Our results from the use of the technology are being used to support their wider use across the world.

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Endovascular Aneurysm Repair

varicose veins dorset, dorset vascular group
varicose veins dorset, dorset vascular group

A World Class Team

Our vision is to provide the best care that the NHS and Private Health can provide.  Our group is influenced by evidence from around the world, our personal expertise, but most importantly by patients, their experiences and their feedback.  Improving choices to patients in Dorset 

varicose veins dorset, dorset vascular group

Diagnostic Vascular Imaging

Both Arterial and Venous diseases require acurate diagnostic imaging in order to make sure you recieve the right intervention.  We believe that this can only be provided by expert vascular sonographers and radiologists who are backed by a robust governance structure. 


Whether you are treated in the NHS or Private sector, Dorset County Vascular Group will ensure you have the reassurance of knowing you have recieved world class imaging prior to undergoing your treatment.

Innovation and Evidence

DCVG will always endevour to ensure that we offer all choices of treatment to our patients both novel and established whilst ensuring patients are fully counselled when accepting cutting edge interventions 

Arterial and Venous Interventions

- Endovascular and Open Surgical Expertise in Venous and Arterial Interventions


- Utilizing the Newest Technology


- Health Promotion

- Evidence Based Standards


- A Strong, Transparent Audit and Governance Structure

varicose veins dorset, dorset vascular group
What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Medical Team

- Do they have a wide range of expertise to look after you, even when things don't go as planned.


- Do they audit their work and publsh their results.


- Am I making an informed choice, do I know all the alternatives.

varicose veins dorset, dorset vascular group
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