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Free Mini Consultations

A lot of the questions we recieve via email or telephone are from people who are uncertain as to whether having varicose vein treatment is for them.


We have introduced 15 minute mini consultations on a Tuesday morning.  


These sessions are not a replacement for the thorough, comprehensive assessment as part of our varicose vein one stop clinic.  They are designed to give people the opportunity to meet us and to ask some basic questions that people with varicose veins often have.
















If you would like to come and meet us appointments are generally available every

15 minutes between 8am and 9am Tuesday mornings at the BMI Winterbourne, Dorchester.  

The best thing is it is free of charge.


email or telephone us to arrange a mini consult

"Are my veins worth treating"

"Are these varicose veins"

"What are the options for treating my veins"

"What are the costs"

"Are my veins bad enough to get treatment on the NHS"

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