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Having a Vascular Condition can be a worrying time.  Our group will aims to deliver the best care that the NHS can provide.  We are compliant with all clinical care guidelines and have developed innovative pathways to minimise the impact that vascular disease will have on your life.


Patients with venous disease can be seen in our specialist one stop clinics.  Patients requiring access for renal replacement therapy can be seen in specialist one stop clinics where they will have input from support staff and Ultrasound at the same visit.  Minor stroke or TIA patients with carotid artery stenosis can be seen at the same time as seeing the stroke physicians and treatment can be planned to minimise any risk of further events.  Patients with complex ulceration are benefitted by expert intensive management with Belinda Page RGN, which provides care advice both for patients and community providers.


Most of our care is delivered at Dorset County Hospital.  Some of our services are delivered at The Royal Bournemouth hospital where you will be looked after by the same team.


All of the Dorset County Vascular Group look after emergency vascular conditions from around the region looking after a population of over 1 million patients.  This volume of work ensures that we deliver a full range of procedures both in and out of hours.


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